ACTS Youth

Learn more about ACTS Youth

ACTS Youth is a ministry that is committed to equipping students and young adults with the Gospel. ACTS Youth’s purpose is to Make Disciples and to help students fulfill that very purpose in each of their lives. 

Your First Visit

ACTS Youth is a ministry for anyone from grade 7 to college ages. When you walk into the youth room, you can expect a welcoming environment full of games and friendly students to meet. After a few minutes of connecting, the students start their own empowering worship service. You can expect each student to learn about the Word of God at a level that will help them in their day to day lives.


Every year, ACTS Youth has several events and conferences that we attend. These events include: Summer Camp, Holiday Youth Convention, North American Youth Congress, Section Youth Rally’s, and many more. Each student will have opportunities to not only connect with other local students, but will also make friendships, at these events, that will last a lifetime.


At ACTS Youth, we believe in teaching each student the importance of investing in the Kingdom of God. That is one reason why ACTS Youth likes to get each student involved in fundraising. These fundraisers will help students with costs for any of the events listed above. ACTS Youth also raises funds for a program known as “Move the Mission”. “Move the Mission” provides funds to multiple orphanages, youth conferences, and helps provide vehicles for missionaries. 

Meet Our Leadership

Hunter and Brooklyn Needham serve at ACTS Church as Youth Pastors, Worship Leaders, and the leadership of ACTS Christian Academy. They believe in the next generation, and want to help make disciples of students.