Stephens Christian School

SCS is a Christian school program offered as a ministry of ACTS Church. SCS seeks to educate students into a Biblical worldview. It is our desire that every student graduate from the school equipped to make disciples of Jesus Christ, be successful in their careers, and to further their education after graduation. 

What SCS Offers

SCS offers an accredited curriculum education known as ACE. SCS teaches students to be self-disciplined learners, as they work at their own pace. SCS also offers several extracurricular subjects such as choir, shop, home economics, and more. SCS also offers a wonderful Bible class each day that will give each student the tools they need to make disciples. Every week, students will have a chapel, that will give them an opportunity to sing praises unto God and to hear the Word of God spoken to them. 


SCS has a priority of offering Christian education at an affordable cost. That is why our price is only $200 per month, per student. A $200 admission fee will be required upon enrollment.

What To Expect

When you enroll your student in SCS, your student will be required to complete a diagnostic test. This test will help put your student in the correct pacing. This means that each student will learn at their own pace with the assistance of our faculty.

If you would like to know more about SCS or wish to enroll your child, please click the button and fill out the form below.